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Banditt Offroad Design
The B.O.D. Bandit

Welcome To Banditt Offroad Design!

Home of custom fabrication and innovative design as applied to the sport of offroad recreation. Gregg "The Banditt" Lamb, owner of Banditt Offroad Design uses his 13 years of metal shaping experience to fabricate some of the most durable offroad protection on the market today. When you purchase a Banditt Offroad Design product you can be sure that it's design will not only stand the test of time on your vehicle, but that it has already stood the test of time on Gregg's.

Wheeler Designed.

Wheeler Tested.

Wheeler Worthy.

Banditt Offroad Design

Banditt's Rig

How Can You Get Your Hands On A Banditt Offroad Design Product?

Well you should start by talking to the The Banditt himself, Gregg Lamb. Gregg can be reached via email or phone (see Menu) to discuss your exact needs and then incorporate those needs into the basic product mold you've chosen. How is this possible? It's possible because each Banditt Offroad Design product is custom made for each order. That's right! When you place an order that order is not filled from a stock room. It's created and thus tailored specifically for you.

Sound good? Great! Start the ball rolling by contacting Banditt Offroad Design today!

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